Monday, 20 July 2015

Autumn in Summer

Well, it surely has been quite a while since I actually sat down in front of my laptop, opened my blogger account and started writing a new blog post. But I am back!

And I'm glad to be back. I'm glad that I could once again start writing my thoughts down, share my inspiration with you and update my life. Since writing is not a very strong side of mine, I feel that I can do it. Today is a perfect opportunity to continue my blog because it is SO gloomy outside even though it is July. The 20th. Yes, the middle of summer. That's where my rant starts. It has been 16 degrees Celsius outside the whole week where I live. Crazy, right? The wind is also out of control. All of my summer outfits are left in the closet - crying. I just throw on my sweater/leather jacket and head out, waiting for the sun. And the funny thing is that I've been watching Christmas videos. Yep, waiting for December to come. Winter is better than some shitty cold summer, right?

On that note I'm going to finish my short, but very sweet blog post. See you soon!